Huntsville Pediatric and Adult Medicine Associates has been serving Huntsville since 1990.  Our 10 physicians provide state of the art medical care in a hometown environment.  We are open to meet our patients’ pressing needs!

Our hours are Monday through Friday 7am-7pm, Saturday 8am-Noon, and Sunday 1pm-4pm. 

At Huntsville Pediatrics & Adult Medicine, we listen to our patients and tailor treatment and education to their individual needs.

Our friendly staff helps to make every visit as easy and satisfying as possible. Your health is our concern, and your happiness our goal.

Dear loyal patient,

Over 80% of our patient visits are “in person”. We are making it increasingly easy for patients to come in our building. If you have COVID symptoms, we often ask you to do our drive thru, same day COVID testing and then see us in office that same afternoon once we have negative COVID results.

All who enter our building are to wear a mask at all times in the building. That, combined with the other safety measures we are taking, has meant that we are not aware of a single person that has contracted COVID in our building.

We recommend the COVID vaccination as protection wherever you go. All of our doctors received the COVID vaccine months ago.

Thank you for the privilege of allowing us to participate in your healthcare.


Huntsville Pediatric & Adult Medicine Associates